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I have 20 years of professional experience. I prefer economics, finance and law but also worked in other areas. Many of these assignments are on my resume, but not all of them. For example, sometime in 1995 I worked for ICTV, translated television programs from tapes. However, something had to be deleted for the sake of brevity - who would read a 10-page resume. Jobs from the market - vacuum cleaner manuals or notary documents - for these there are translation agencies. Usually such things are translated on a different level. Especially for such translators, computer-aided translation tools and translation memory programs have been invented. My rates are between USD 10 and 12 per page. If you have something that needs to be translated - a scientific article, workshop materials, a business plan or CSR report - I will do it. My e-mail specified below works all the time, when messages are received, they are shown live in the lower right corner of the screen, whatever application I am currently using. I have Skype: ivan.shevchenko2012, sometimes this is more convenient.

Examples are numerous, here is one of them: A catalogue of rare books, my translation to English. Work done in 2009.
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